Lawn Chemicals

K.D. Landscaping has a complete lawn chemical maintenance program for either your lawn, or your bushes and trees. This will keep your yard looking beautiful and your plants and trees healthy.

  • 1ST ROUND:
    •  granular fertilizer with herbicide and pre-emergent to help control crabgrass.
    • applied late March
  • 2ND ROUND:
    • liquid herbicide to combat dandelions.
    • applied late April
  • 3RD ROUND:
    • granular fertilizer with herbicide and pre-emergent for continued crabgrass control.
    • applied near early May
  • 4TH ROUND:
    • slow release granular fertilizer.
    • applied late June to early July
  • 5TH ROUND:
    • granular slow release fertilizer with a liquid blanket herbicide.
    • applied near early September
  • 6TH ROUND:
    • granular fertilizer.
    • applied late November or early December
    • elective treatment that will kill the grubs as they are hatching
    • works best when applied late July

Specialty Lawn Care Services
Flea & Tick Control: Primarily applied to back lawns
2 – 3 applications per year

Disease Control/Fungicides
Applications of specialty products slow the spread of disease for up to 21 days. This allows the lawn to recover and grow out of the disease.

A pelletized, fortified lime is applied to neutralize the acidic soil. We recommend this be done annually.
We apply 40 – 50 pounds of lime per 1,000 square feet.

Vegetation Control
Eliminates weeds and weedy grasses from paved sidewalks and curbs.

Extra Application of Grub Control
A single application sometimes just isn’t enough. Recommended for lawns with a history of grub problems.

Shrubbery Care Services
We can set up a personal pesticide program for your plants based on what type of pests that they are susceptible to.
Our program includes 3 applications of insecticide through the season to stop bag-worms, and at the same time you will get control of aphids, borers, carpenter ants, Japanese beetles, lace bugs and spider mites.


“KD has done multiple projects for us and they consistently exceed our expectations. Kurt and his team cover every detail and go the extra mile to make sure each project is exactly what we want. They are on time, on budget and have excellent communication throughout the process.”

-Mike Cooney
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“We have used KD Landscaping for the last 3 or 4 years. We get mulch, yard treatments, sprinkler turn on/ off and for trees and landscaping. Their whole team is easy to work with and they do what they say they are going to do for a fair price. You cannot go wrong with them. 5 stars!”

-Leslie Pollie
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