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I used Kurt Delong (KD Landscaping) for installation of our irrigation system, but was provided with so much more. Kurt personally spoke with me on multiple occasions and, on the day of installation, explained and fine-tuned the irrigation system completely. He uses good quality irrigation product (Hunter), and his crew works efficiently and professionally. Most impressive about Kurt is his attention to detail. After completing the installation, dirt was replaced in the “ruts” created by the equipment, and the lawn was re-seeded in these areas. He replaced mulch that was disturbed during installation as well.

Most important to me is that Kurt is a landscaper first, and his entire design is tailored to our specific landscaping. His knowledge of landscaping is profound, as is the pride he takes in his work, which is apparent at every step of the process. We sought advice on multiple other outdoor issues while Kurt was around, and he spent a lot of time with us and was so thorough. If you are considering irrigation, landscaping, outdoor lighting, concrete work, etc., you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not at least talk to Kurt before choosing a professional.

Mike Dorwart

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