Design Fees


As design professionals, we understand that each of our clients have individual needs, and therefore, we offer you the following design options:

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  • Design Consultation with a Hand Sketch: $100

This consultation includes:

  1. An on-site interview to discuss your needs for a specific area of interest, such as an entry front foundation planting or patio
  2. The sketch (not drawn to scale) will be done on site
  3. This cost will be offset in the event that the job is given to K.D. Landscaping

Full Site Layout/Master Design
This service includes:

  1. $500.00 Fee
  2. Your entire residential site will be drawn to scale and detail, including existing and proposed planting areas, walks, driveways, patios, retaining walls and any additional site features.
  3. Cost is not offset if the job is given to K.D. Landscaping

Payment Terms

Our terms for payment of all services are:

  1. $1000 deposit to reserve spot on calendar
  2. 50% down
  3. Balance due on completion of work
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