Aeration: the Key to a Healthy Lawn

Let’s give your lawn the water and nutrients that it needs!

What is aeration?

When we aerate your lawn, we are putting small holes into your lawn, promoting proper circulation of water and nutrients.

Why should you aerate your lawn?

Aeration allows water and nutrients to enter your lawn. When you do not aerate your lawn, your soil can become rather compacted. This is especially true because of the soil in Indiana. Indiana’s soil is known to have high levels of clay, which frequently becomes compacted. Consequently, there is not enough room for proper circulation of the water and nutrients. This prevents your lawn from being as healthy as it can be.

Another reason to aerate your lawn is because of the potential thatch build up. Thatch essentially is a layer of buildup that is located in between your soil and grass. It consists various organic materials, including dead grass. While some thatch is actually good for your lawn, because it protects against various harsh temperatures, too much is a problem. The excessive thatch prevents your lawn from getting all of the water and nutrients that it needs. When we aerate your lawn, it breaks up the thatch build up, giving your lawn the opportunity to continue to thrive.

Key indicators that your lawn needs to be aerated: 

  • Time of the year: your lawn should be aerated annually around the fall season.
  • Your lawn has heavy traffic (children or pets that frequently use the lawn)
  • You have had sod or over seeding
  • It seems to dry out faster than it should
  • There is a “spongy feel” when you walk on it
  • You regularly fertilize your lawn
  • Your home was recently built causing the topsoil to be stripped or buried which leaves the soil to be compacted

If you have one or more of those key indicators, your lawn is telling you that is not getting all of the water and nutrients that it needs. It is important to make sure that you aerate your lawn on an annual basis to help ensure that your lawn continues to thrive.

Let’s make sure your lawn continues to look great next year!

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